REND Young Adults

  • Time/Location

    Fridays @ 7PM

    Room 23

  • Ministry Coordinator

    Charlie Avila

    Overseeing Pastor

    Josh Gallegos

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The world we live in is dark. You've read the headlines. You've seen it come up in your social media feed. You've witnessed it on your campuses or in your workplace. It is a growing intolerance of the Biblical worldview. In this post-modern era we see the shifting tides of morality changing aimlessly because there is no foundational truth to anchor them.

Don't be discouraged dear friend. We invite you to look up.

At Rend Young Adults study we go through the Word of God together, mining for the treasures that are within. We want you to know that purposes and promises of God are for you! Living out what we learn in scripture is vital for the spiritual health of the believer and the health of the Church.

Please join us for our weekly study and monthly special events. We hope to see you there!