Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series Download Watch
Wednesday 05/23/2018 Barry Stagner The Prophetic Word Confirmed Daniel
Sunday 05/20/2018 Don Stewart Abraham,Take now your son,your only son,Isaac Genesis 22 Guest Speaker
Wednesday 05/16/2018 Barry Stagner The Greatly Beloved Daniel
Sunday 05/13/2018 Barry Stagner Far Above Rubies Proverbs 31:10-31 Mothers Day
Wednesday 05/09/2018 Barry Stagner Seven Essentials of Effective Prayer - Part 2 Daniel 9:15-19 Daniel
Sunday 05/06/2018 Barry Stagner The Right to Rejoice Romans 5:6-11 Rejoice
Sunday 04/29/2018 Barry Stagner Divine Appointments Acts 8:26-31 Acts
Wednesday 04/25/2018 Barry Stagner Seven Essential of Effective Prayer Daniel 9:1-14 Daniel
Sunday 04/22/2018 Don Stewart Joseph: God at work in the Natural and Supernatural- Part 2 Genesis 37- 45 Guest Speaker
Wednesday 04/18/2018 Barry Stagner The Rise of the Anti Christ Part 2 Daniel 8:15-27 Daniel