Listen Day Date Speaker/Guest Title Scripture Series
     Wednesday 07/18/2018 Barry Stagner When Life Gives You Lemons, Pray 1 Samuel 1:1-28
     Sunday 07/15/2018 Don Stewart Contentment:On the Straight and Narrow Philippians 4:12-12 Guest Speaker
     Sunday 07/08/2018 Barry Stagner Stranger Things 1 Peter 4:12-16 Rejoice
     Sunday 07/01/2018 Bryce Turi Joseph: and God Prospered Genesis 39 Guest Speaker
     Wednesday 06/27/2018 Barry Stagner The End is at Hand Daniel 12:1-13 Daniel
     Sunday 06/24/2018 Barry Stagner The Prevailing Church Acts 9:26-43 Acts
     Wednesday 06/20/2018 Barry Stagner The Counterfeit Christ Daniel 11:36-45 Daniel
     Sunday 06/17/2018 Barry Stagner Man Power Matthew 7:24-27 Father's Day
     Wednesday 06/13/2018 Barry Stagner Ready And Waiting Daniel 11:21-35 Daniel
     Sunday 06/10/2018 Barry Stagner The Signs of Salvation Acts 9:10-25 Acts